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Just Kids Games: Making Change Making Change: Just Kids Games Home Page-- More free online games. All content Copyright 2001-2002 The Center For Advanced Technologies. All rights reserved. Games cash register games - Cash register games online for adults: Skill Action Arcade Adventure Card Classic Fighting Racing Kids Enigma Girl Management Words Musical Platform Puzzle Thinking Role-Playing Sport Strategy Shooting Online Cashier Training | A cashier may also learn how to handle transactions from a debit and credit card, and how to manage a cash drawer. Training should also include managing automatic cash registers and offer tips about scanning items. Many online cashier courses also offer basic accounting skills and bookkeeping skills in addition to basic cashiering.

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Mr. Nussbaum - Cash Out - Online Game One of the most popular games on, Cash Out is perfect for practicing counting money or calculating change. Students have three minutes ( or ...

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CashierGamesFree Your browser does not support HTML Canvas Share Get link A till-training game for McDonalds | Kineo This was the first time McDonald’s have used a game for learning. Despite not being mandatory, the till game had 145,000 visits in year 1 and remains the most popular employee portal page McDonald’s have ever launched. 85% of crew members believed the till training game helped them understand the new system and will help with their future performance. Mr. Nussbaum - Lunch Lady - Online Game

How to use a touchscreen cash register is pretty simple. You don’t need us to tell you how to plug in a system, switch on a system, and start tapping a way. Rather, you need someone to advise you on how to use a touchscreen cash register’s features to their maximum potential.

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